Image by Vassilina Dikidjieva
https://twitter.com/vdikidjieva/status/473570560824205312The Folk Art Building, a true masterpiece of Modern Art is being demolished by the Museum of Modern Art. #folkmoma pic.twitter.com/UdI2USRdtd
Neil Freeman ‏@fitnr   Feb 14A little late, but here’s my concept for the Folk Art facade http://tmblr.co/Z4YTrs17PqYMu  #FolkMOMA
What the Museum of Modern Art Might Look Like in 2020
Future of bronze panels? A friend of #folkMoMA sends us this quick collage. pic.twitter.com/uflEdmAfGz
Metropolis Magazine blog entry on responses to MoMA preservation of Folk facade, mentioning #FolkMoMA call for ideas.
Gregory Walker ‏@gswalker   4h 
the planet of the Folk… #FolkMoma… pic.twitter.com/TAeoypE7DP
John Hill ‏@archidose   3h 
@FolkMoMA How about tilting up the facade to have it cast a shadow over the “Art Bay”? http://archidose.blogspot.com/2014/02/folkmoma-reuse.html … pic.twitter.com/JgQr8uXtTE
@ChappellTracker   12m 
It’s a pretty good deal when you think about it. #FolkMoMA pic.twitter.com/0bVbfQ1Yer
@bagnese: @FolkMoMA #scifi set design pic.twitter.com/RdvRiuPbX9
What will MoMA do? via @mnike_likes_it
AFAM sketch via bmpietras
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MoMA’s Plan to Demolish Folk Art Museum Lacks Vision